A modern twist on old favorites

Experience tantalizing treats that take you on a flavorful journey. See why each Sundae should be a Sundae Afternoon.

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Flavors Beyond the Ordinary

Every bite, a journey of joy.

Cotton Candy

Creamy, slow-churned ice cream infused with the flavors of cotton candy


Marshmallow sweet with a fun, blue-hued twist

Butterscotch Bomb

Delicious butterscotch-flavored ice cream

Raspberry Truffle 

Deep chocolate infused with decadent raspberry swirl 

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Taste the Visual Treat!

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The Sundae Afternoon Saga

Crafting more than just ice cream; crafting experiences.

At the helm of Sundae Afternoon’s delicious journey is Lisa Calhoun, a business entrepreneur with a lifelong passion for freshly made ice cream. For Lisa, ice cream is more than just a dessert; it’s a medium that paints unforgettable moments and a catalyst that brings people together. It’s also a canvas that welcomes boundless creativity.

Growing up, Lisa cherished the traditional flavors that have graced sundae bowls for generations. But as an adventurous spirit, she also dreamed of crafting her own unique twists on these classics. This vision, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, churned slowly over time until Sundae Afternoon emerged — a local ice cream shop that honors the timeless while daring to innovate.

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