Meet Our Founder: Lisa Calhoun

A Passion for Ice Cream, a Lifetime of Innovation

Lisa has always loved ice cream. A self-described ice cream fanatic, she knows what quality is when it comes to this tasty treat. 
When the ice cream parlor she had visited for years decided to move to the other side of her town, she decided that she was going to take matters into her own hands. She opened her own ice cream parlor and now creates delicious treats for her guests.
Drawing from her own experience, Lisa takes traditional ice cream desserts and transforms them into dishes for a modern audience. Stop in for ice cream nachos, ice cream tacos, egg creams, and more! 

At the helm of Sundae Afternoon’s delicious journey is Lisa Calhoun, a business entrepreneur with a lifelong passion for freshly made ice cream. For Lisa, ice cream is more than just a dessert; it’s a medium that paints unforgettable moments and a catalyst that brings people together. It’s also a canvas that welcomes boundless creativity.

Lisa’s enthusiasm for ice cream stems from its power to unite. Regardless of age, background, or tastes, everyone seems to speak the universal language of ice cream. At Sundae Afternoon, we invite you to relive cherished memories and create new ones, all while indulging in a scoop (or two!) of our lovingly crafted ice cream.

We are committed to using only the freshest ingredients to create flavors that are both familiar and adventurous, ensuring that every bite carries the warmth of nostalgia with a fresh, exciting twist. From classic vanilla bean, rich with the scent of childhood, to bold, inventive creations that intrigue the palate, Sundae Afternoon is a sanctuary for all ice cream enthusiasts.

As we open our doors this November 2023, we’re not just launching a business — we’re embarking on a mission to sweeten life’s moments, one scoop at a time. Lisa Calhoun and the Sundae Afternoon family eagerly await your visit. Here’s to creating delicious memories together!

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